Saturday, 4 May 2013

the moonrise kingdom vibe

The other day I got a text from a friend 'watch Moonrise Kingdom, its very 'you'.' and seeing as I was looking for an excuse to put off my homework (which I seem to mention in almost every post, sorry) I watched it. 
I was a bit put off by the fantasy-like title but I think it's badly chosen, because it makes the film sound a lot more childish than it actually is, like Bridge to Terabithia or something.
It's the cutest story about a boy scout and a girl who live on a small American island in the 60s running away together on an adventure and falling in love. It sounds quite cliche, I know, but it was so good- the outfits and whole feeling of the film right down to what the girl takes in her suitcase and her favourite books was perfect. If you liked 'Submarine' and are a fan of Wes Anderson, American 60s fashion and culture and french music, you will love this. The only category that I fit into is liking Submarine and maybe the fashion side, and I still thought it was awesome, so here are some pictures of it I found on tumblr..
Listen to Le Temps De L'amour by Francoise Hardy
 And if the photos don't persuade you, I hope the trailer does:
Then I decided to try and make up an outfit from my wardrobe that went with the whole Moonrise Kingdom vibe, which was cool because it meant I picked out items in my cupboard I haven't worn for ages seeing as I wasn't channeling my own style, so here are the photos: (I feel like binoculars are the new fashion accessory.. can we make this a thing?)
Vintage Tudormatic camera, Antic Hay by Aldous Huxley, notebook, Belgian matches and binoculars.
Decided to get out my old scout shirt too (boots and jeans are Topshop)

Dress-Topshop, Socks-Brora, Shoes-Converse, and binoculars are vintage. 
 Appreciate the real daisies in my hair, I went out and picked those for you #dedicatedblogger..

"I can't argue against anything you are saying. Then I don't have to because you are twelve." 
-Moonrise Kingdom


  1. I looooove this film so much! Your outfits and perfect, they are so gorgeous! And yes woo I'm all for binoculars as an accessory, lets so do this aha;) I love the wall in your pictures by the way, it's so nice! Bit of a random compliment but I love the look of it, I want my house to look like that when I'm older:-)

    Mattie xox

    Also I have a giveaway for an MUA Undress Me Too palette on my blog atm if you want to have a look, good luck if you enter lovely! xox

    1. Aw thank you so so much, this made my day.