Monday, 27 May 2013

the better-than-expected gatsby

Alright so I know I'm late to the party (no pun intended. *cringe*) but I finally got round to seeing The Great Gatsby at the cinema and I really enjoyed it! I am in love with Lana's song 'Young and Beautiful' and the XX's 'Together' is good too. I thought that although they used modern pop music in the party scenes, and it shouldn't have worked, it really did, because of the level of garishness and vulgarity they already had. My expectations of Carey Mulligan not being able to pull off the role of Daisy were also surprised because she really was perfect. And LEO WAS NEAR-PERFECT I hope he finally gets an Oscar..
Every setting, especially 'God's eyes' next to Wilson's garage and the room's of Gatsby's house were done really well and were exactly how I pictured they would.

I'd seen the 1974 version of Gatsby before and always thought it was really good, the house and general setting is much more beautiful and styled and obviously none of it is modern like this new one, but I think both films are equally great in their own way (except I think the 1974 Gatsby is actually more good looking and beautiful than Leonardo Dicaprio right now..) So here's the small amount of photos I could find from google images to go with it:

I sort -of tried to do a collage inspired by it but it failed and looks like a two year old drawing, please forgive me. And the scanner blurred it #failure
And obviously, everything is being affected by Gatsby crazing, so a ton of fashion labels have made some beautiful pieces inspired by it all coming back.. If i had one of these beautiful dresses or any clothes relatively similar to these I'd wear them every day, regardless of the fact they're so formal, because LOOK AT THEMM:

 Okay so I've done the Gatsby post now my blog is as generic as everyone elses oh well okay thanks bye


  1. now that i've heard your view im definitely gonnna have to read the book haha xx

    1. aha aw thanks yeah its such a good book (in my opinion) xx