Wednesday, 1 May 2013

british weather and preparation for summer

My new thing to do when I'm bored is just make up outfits I'm going to wear in summer, so  here's one of them, with me looking deathly pale as usual *sigh*:
Clothes: t shirt from Latitude festival 2012, skirt is Rachel Riley vintage, shoes are white canvas converse.

Over in England, if you don't live here, you won't know that we have all become grey and ill from lack of sunlight, and recently we have finally actually got some sun, so everyone is madly celebrating and going outside in shorts when its only about 12 degrees. Therefore I made a playlist to celebrate the occasion, because we're very serious about weather here in Britain.

So a thing you may have learned about me by now, is that I spend WAYY to much time on the computer. Im serious guys I literally never leave my room, and whenever I look away from my computer I get seriously dizzy and little stars pop up in front of my eyes. Okay maybe it's not that serious, but to sever the close relationship I have with my computer, I decided to do more drawing/writing on paper.. 

I drew this, based on the anonymous poem 'Tea for Two' because I think it pretty much sums up Britain, what with the tea, and the rain *sigh*.