Wednesday, 8 May 2013


Thought I'd share some of my doodles and collages that are supposed to be inspiring me for my art project in school that I've just started.. no luck so far on that front.
Anyway recently I've been listening to Swim Deep and Peace because they're really summery bands and I can't wait for summer. I really really reaaally want to go to Latitude 2013, because last year I went with some people and it was amazing, but this year Swim Deep and altJ will be there (not to mention a ton of other great bands) so I've got to go.
My favourite Peace songs at the moment are Float Forever and California Daze (although I have to admit they both sound so similar, I dont even know how the band got away with it) and Honey by Swim Deep is perfect. The music video for Honey is also so cute, and the girl in it is beaautiful, and she gets to dance around and spray paint at the band, so I'm super jealous of her.

SWIM DEEP : seriously, look how cool they are, I'd happily get any of these pictures on a tshirt..and look at all that hair. 

 PEACE: I'm seeing a hair trend here..



  1. love love love the stuff you blog

  2. wow cool drawings, i love your blog! maybe you could submit something for my zine, moon magic zine. take a look at if you're interested!

    1. thanks, I was actually going to but didnt i miss the deadline?

  3. I really want to be your friend tho