Friday, 31 May 2013

the light show and roy litchenstein

The other day, me and my friend Gemma went to the Tate Modern (London) to see the Roy Litchenstein Exhebition. I really liked it, especially the black and white drawings of objects, which I didn't know he  made. Seriouslyy though these are hand-made. It's ridiculous how OCD/perfect they are. My favourite black and white one was the  pill fizzing in a glass of water. Anyway here are some photos I took, the exhebition ends in August or something so it's still open, everyone should definitely go. 

I also went to the Hayward Gallery's Light Show (which is over now) which I thought was quite cool, but I only liked one or two rooms. The rest was just boring and overrated (in my opinion) but here's a sneaky photo of me in the multi-coloured room, and I think photography was banned in this exhibition which is why I dont have more photos.
 So that's pretty much it, I've been working for exams which are this Monday (sjhfklfhklsda) so no more blog posts from me till after then- Also here's some music I've been listening to recently- okay byee

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  1. I still regret not going to the Roy Liechtenstein exhibition when I was in London. His works are just perfect!