Wednesday, 22 May 2013

this week: clothes and collage

Okay I finally got round to actually taking a photo of my clothes from the thrift shop a few weeks ago, so here they are (and look at my beautiful Meat is Murder t-shirt):
The Fur Coat
 The Pleat Skirt
Please excuse my great number of selfies, I got carried away..
And I bought Girl, Interrupted on DVD so now I can watch it whenever I want which is so perfect, Winona Ryder I love you. #perfecthumanbeing
Im happy because NME magazine came and it had a free Vaccines CD which is perfect so yesterday I played that and the Peace- In Love CD and sat on my bed all day.I also went to the park and walked my dog and picked daisies to make a daisy chain which is in my book now. I've also been doing a ton of collaging/art to fill up all my unused notebooks, so I piled up anything I could use, and I will spend today listening to Vampire Weekend and the Lost in Translation movie soundtrack, and drawing. I'll post some of my doodles soon because all my posts are going to be a bit rushed in the next few weeks due to exams..

Speaking of daisies, who's excited about the new Gatsby film? I AM GOING TONIGHT OH MY GOD I CAN'T WAIT.
But I think personally, Carey Mulligan isn't bitchy enough to play Daisy, she's too kind hearted, but Leo will be brilliant ohmigod wow.


  1. I love the last photos, got to love some daisies haha!xx

  2. is that your diary? god it's gorgeous

  3. i love your skirt and coat, great post!