Wednesday, 15 May 2013

american high school romantisized

So school is all I think about right now because of exams and IM SORRY, I KNOW THAT NONE OF YOU WANT TO HEAR ABOUT THEM. SO I'LL STOP. And because of school taking up so much of my time, I decided to do a post about American High School, and the 80s. Because I live in England, and the only view I have ever had of American high schools is through movies, and I imagine it in a permanent state of summer. I may be completely wrong, but I think it would be pretty cool going to school there. Im going to completely stereotype American schools right now, but I think it would be awesome to go to the prom and watch massive baseball games, like living in a real life version of Grease or Clueless. And we can all admit we've all dreamed of being a cheerleader at least once. God I think I might be sounding really naive right now.. Maybe Im saying the equivalent of what American people think about stereotype English schools: permanently raining, all the girls go to boarding school and play lacrosse and netball like in Wild Child, and speak in polite British accents and drink tea all day. Well I am all in favour of breaking out the pleat-skirts and finding a real vintage letterman jacket. Anyway here are some photos:

Brian is my favourite person ever.
Credit: Breakfast Club, Grease, Clueless, Mean Girls, Ferris Bueller's Day Off, Mean Girls again, and Brian from Breakfast Club again


  1. by the way i nominated you for a versatile blogger award a few days ago xxxxx

    1. ohmigod thank you! I'll do it tomorrow x

  2. Brian is my favourite too, he's so cute and sweet