Wednesday, 29 May 2013

trellick tower and denim jackets

On the weekend, I went to Golbourne Road and Portobello Market because it's so nice there and I hadn't been for ages. Also I wanted to look at one of my favourite buildings: Trellick Tower on Golbourne Road.  It's this huge block of flats designed by this Brutalist architect called ErnÅ‘ Goldfinger and if you look at it from the front, it looks just like an artwork with all these tiny bicycles and plants on the balconies of each floor, I love it. Also, right next to the building there's this small vintage shop called Rellick that a ton of models and sophisticated people go to thats wayyyy too out of my league in price range.. but everything there is beautiful and one day when I'm extremely rich I'll go there and buy one dress because that's still all i'll be able to afford. It's so insular that you have to actually ring the doorbell and be let in by the shop assistant, which is quite intimidating if you're only little me.

So after that I went to Portobello Market and saw this old yellow bomber jacket with the YAMAHA symbol on the back, and I loved it so much and it was only £17 so I bought it, and I can't wait to wear it when summer finally decides that it's here to stay in England.  
There was also this acid-wash denim jacket with the prettiest sequin circle pattern on the back and I wanted it so badly but I'm trying to save money (although I may be failing at it) so I had to leave it behind.. 

In compensation for not buying it, I am planning to find a cheap old denim jacket somewhere like Camden Market, and then do my own design on the back of it..


excuse the hair but i've been waiting since forever to try and do it..
Inspiration for when I make my denim jacket:


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